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Welcome to Manila Food Finds!

This blog was made to cater to the basic need of human beings.

Eating - which we all love to do!

There are hundreds of food establishments up and about that serves fine meals. But what happens if you get tired of the same old taste you eat day in and day out?

Just like the rest of you, I'm looking for new and exciting places to eat and have some fun at the same time, which is why this blog was created - to share with you the adventures (and hassles) that a food lover has to endure in search of a good find.

We're not picky eaters and we'll try everything and anything as long as it's edible!

Manila Food Finds!

Monday, February 25, 2008

If shopping and eating is your thing ... (Ruins @ BF Homes)

Then Ruins is the place for you!

Tire yourself looking for the little trinket to complete your ultimate party get up. Spot the perfect gift for friends and loved ones. There's tons of clothes store, tech stuff shops, imported goodies stalls and more!

Now that you're hungry...

Try this Curry Laksa Noodle Soup!

Noodles in light curry broth with shrimps, tofu and squid balls garnished with chili and bean sprouts. It's not spicy as you may think as its Malaysian/Singaporean. The curry flavor is not that strong and is just right to complement the soft noodles. The bean sprouts offer a bit of texture and freshness with every bite.

Let me introduce you to one of the Bida's of this blog --- April! Seen here enjoying the curry laksa noodle soup. Yum!

Next dish is Mee Goreng (Malaysian style fried noodle). A really simple dish like our local pancit canton. There's the noodles (very pancit like), shrimps, squid, fish, bean sprouts and onion leeks. The flavor has a smoky taste to it which I loved. Again this dish is pretty good and a good alternative to our local pancits. The bean sprouts once again offered freshness and sweetness with every bite!

When I ordered I first asked how big the serving size of the dishes are. They said it was fairly small so we ordered three dishes since we were really hungry. But look at the size of the servings! We ended up ordering a third dish which is the seafood fried rice (lower right on the pic above). They really didn't skimp on toppings I tell you. There's shrimps (again), squid, fish, eggs, carrots and peas. Again there's this smoky flavor and aroma that lends tons of flavor to the dish. We ended up tasting a bit of everything and brought home most of the leftover.

There's a lot of food stalls to choose from. But being the adventurous type, we opted for the Malaysian/Singaporean taste bud route. There was also this Barbeque stall selling all time favorites (pork bbq, isaw, balun-balunan, atay, dugo, etc), a sizzling plate kinda theme with grilled or pan friend meat like sirloin, t-bone and porterhouse, and one of my faves --- Shawarma! Didn't get to eat shawarma this time around, probably on our next visit there.

Here's a creative shot of me (ahem!) just outside the building. Ciao!

Ruins is located along President's Ave., BF Homes, Paranaque. You wont miss it!

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