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Welcome to Manila Food Finds!

This blog was made to cater to the basic need of human beings.

Eating - which we all love to do!

There are hundreds of food establishments up and about that serves fine meals. But what happens if you get tired of the same old taste you eat day in and day out?

Just like the rest of you, I'm looking for new and exciting places to eat and have some fun at the same time, which is why this blog was created - to share with you the adventures (and hassles) that a food lover has to endure in search of a good find.

We're not picky eaters and we'll try everything and anything as long as it's edible!

Manila Food Finds!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Seafood Ecstasy @ Taste of Asia, Mall of Asia

On to seafoods!

I really don't get it why some people don't like the taste of seafood. I do understand if you're allergic to it though. I have this cousin that whenever we go to the province he brings Spam and Vienna Sausage so he would have something to eat knowing that our relatives would serve us seafood there (which I love, sorry Cuz).

After the movies the bunch of us were really starving! Good that Taste of Asia is conveniently located at the side entrance of Mall of Asia in Pasay City (Hypermarket side)

What's better than to enjoy a sumptuous seafood meal with the family, right? Heavy eaters as we are, we got some Pancit Canton, Halaan (clam) Soup, Buttered Shrimps with Garlic and Sweet and Spicy Crabs. The Pancit Canton is so-so. The Halaan Soup offered a salty and bitter (in a good way) taste mainly because of the malunggay leaves with hints of garlic and ginger.

The Crabs taste good enough with a bit of sweetness in its meat. It's also packed with aligue (crab fat) which we enjoyed a lot. Crabs here in Manila is nothing compared to ones in far away provinces. The real star of the dish is the sauce. The sweet and spicy sauce provided a boost in the crabs flavor without overpowering the delicate meat. With the addition of garlic and butter, this dish is a winner.

What's a seafood meal without shrimps? The shrimps size is perfect for my picking. I don't like real small and real big shrimps (sugpo). Let me explain. Shrimps that are too small are hard to de-shell while the flavor on big shrimps are somewhat less or mellow. In addition, big shrimps have less surface area for the sauce (in this case butter and garlic) to stick to. That's just me though. A perfect dip with this is spiced vinegar with calamansi (lime) to bring out the sweetness and unique seafood taste!

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