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Welcome to Manila Food Finds!

This blog was made to cater to the basic need of human beings.

Eating - which we all love to do!

There are hundreds of food establishments up and about that serves fine meals. But what happens if you get tired of the same old taste you eat day in and day out?

Just like the rest of you, I'm looking for new and exciting places to eat and have some fun at the same time, which is why this blog was created - to share with you the adventures (and hassles) that a food lover has to endure in search of a good find.

We're not picky eaters and we'll try everything and anything as long as it's edible!

Manila Food Finds!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Tapsi Plus Tipid Treats

There's tons of food establishments in the busy main streets of BF Homes Paranaque and I made myself a mental note to frequently scour the area for more food finds.

This time after driving around looking for something cheap and quick, our eyes got blinded by the brightness of the signage: "TAPSI PLUS" along President's Avenue. The place would really catch your attention with the bright colors of the interiors. The establishment is open air but the cool breeze of the night air is good enough for me.

By the way there are a few roads leading to this treasure trove of food places in the middle of BF Homes (click here for link). I mainly use the approach from Toyota Alabang but if I would be coming from SLEX, I would exit at Sucat then turn left at President's Ave.

There are short orders to choose from and a buffet-like area where you can pick your favorite pinoy dishes which they have for the day. Prices of the food are affordable and service is quick.

I got the Paresilog (beef pares, fried rice, fried egg) priced at 49 pesos. Notice the heart shaped egg, cute, the serving of pares too! I think I counted around 4 pieces of beef there. The taste is ok but I prefer the sauce of the pares to be thicker than what they have here. I also noticed that the pares is too oily.

We also had Maki priced at 42 pesos. Thick noodles sauteed in the right amount of sauce and flavoring. The toppings are worth noting too that included sliced kikiam, fishballs, shredded chicken and vegetables. Tastes good and the serving size is enough for two people. Perfect for a side dish.

April had the Super Tapsilog priced at 65 pesos. There's a regular Tapsilog selling for 42 pesos and after asking the waitress she told us the only difference is the amount of tapa. Still, the Super Tapsilog's serving of tapa was not that plentiful.

Super Tapsilog - 65 pesos
Maki - 42 pesos
Paresilog - 49 pesos
Total - 156 pesos

Manila food finds' Scoreboard:

Overall Taste/Flavor -7/10
Place - 6.5/10
Value for Money - 7/10

Juzam's thoughts:

Cheap and affordable quick meals right in the middle of the village. A good place to eat for ending the night after gimmicks when you're hungry again. Too bad though that the serving sizes of the viands are too little, but the taste made up for it.

Best Dish:
Maki - at 42 bucks, lots of toppings and big serving - a clear winner

Worst Dish:
Paresilog - 4 pieces of beef, oily

Call 906-0525 for deliveries.


u8mypinkcookies said...

mukha ngang masarap yung noodles :) maki ba yun? o miki? hehe.

juzam said...

Hehe, got me there. Not sure, they do sound the same to me though. LOL

Thanks for reading,